Grass on The Other Side of the Fence is Always Greener
Collecting Neighborhood Grass

Performance Art
Baik Art Residency,
VanEvery Gallery, Davidson College
North Carolina, United States

Lia Newman

Performance duration:
14 Days, 5 hours a day
Click here to see the video

Printed sacks, cowboy hat, saroong, knife (from the real cowboy), grass cutter machine (from the neighborhood)

*all print works are friend’s artworks brought from Bandung. Their works mostly talk about limitation of space that is occured in our city, both in everyday life, and also at the art context.

Zico Albaiquni
Fajar Abadi
Angga Wedhaswhara
Ackay Deni

During the residency period, I have been collecting the grass from the neighborhood. Transforming the gallery into an imaginary cow cage. As an artist from the third world, residency to the centrer become one of the ultimate aims to overcome the border and boundaries. But at the same time, there are a lot of questions about power relation that often come from my internal feelings, is life outside the border really is always better? Or at the end, we ended up as a dairy cow ?

Supported by:
Baik Art Gallery

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